Case study


FinDynamic is a Fintech founded in 2016 inside Polihub (the startup incubator of the Politecnico di Milano) that stands out as an innovative reference solution in the field of Supply Chain Finance, firstly with Dynamic Discounting and later by widely expanding on all main financial services – for example, the management of the supplier’s chain. Within this collaboration, we reached two main goals: a brand identity redesign and the making of a new corporate website.

Brand Identity & Strategy

To freshen and evolve FinDynamic’s visual identity we carried out a study of the current credit and financial sector scene, showing the necessity to differentiate and highlight the brand’s many offers and innovative products. A strong brand identity allows for the growth of target public engagement and, consequently, the positive effects on the company’s income. The user needs clear, efficient, and direct communication that is still capable of conveying a fresh, assertive, and innovative tone of voice – in line with FinDynamic’s identity. The brand identity redesign starts with a study on the fintech field, as mentioned earlier, alongside a workshop aimed to trace the brand strategy guidelines. Through the evaluation of the main goals, we defined the project approach, considering the company’s priorities and identifying the target public, a strategy on which channels to use to reach it, and the definition of effective creativity. After creating the brand strategy, we carried out the actual project, which has always been monitored through feedback and reporting.