AB Tech Lab. Dynamic interface

AB Tech Lab is an Italian company who has developed a productive know-how capable of realizing carbon and other composite fibers to be used as normal textile materials. The goal entrusted to us was that of creating a portal presenting the product in an innovative manner and with an appealing, dynamic and non-obvious UI. The collaboration with a UI/UX designer studio has produced a high-quality result.

Dynamic Interface

To accompany the market launch of various products made of a particular carbon-fiber fabric created by AB Tech Lab, we have been asked to develop an informative yet emotionally and graphically impactful custom portal. The challenge was driven first of all by the technical difficulty of realizing a dynamic interface, with animations accompanying the user in the “journey” to discover the carbon-fiber fabric through the scroll within the pages, and then by the narrow timeline caused by the fixed date of the press conference for the launch of the product.

We have profitably cooperated with a UI/UX designer studio in designing the interface, then applying all the elements (graphics, videos, images, etc.) and optimizing them for the desktop and mobile versions: a particularly hard challenge given the several animations featured. The obtained result has utterly satisfied the client and represents in a substantial way our ability of realizing completely customized portals with a complex interface.