Amadori Feeds the Sport

Amadori, with the project “Amadori Alimenta lo Sport”, has entered into a partnership with the CONI, the Italian Team and the Italian Fitness Federation, and a collaboration with well-known faces from the world of sport, nutrition, and lifestyle, with the aim of becoming a promoter of nutrition and well-being, spreading the “white meat culture” in the world of sport.

We then made photographic content and videos to campaign testimonials of Marco Lodadio (Gymnast in the ring specialty) and Alice Volpi (Fencer) members of the Italian Team, which were used online and offline promotion on the official Amadori channels.

Amateur Campaign by Amadori

Part of the campaign “Amadori Alimenta lo Sport” includes the project “Amateurs” aimed at involving and spreading the values of the campaign to all employees.
After identifying the Amadori employees themselves as the best ambassadors for the campaign, we have created concepts, logos, and a strategy that, through a landing page and all the online and offline communication channels within the company, led us to select 10 Amateur Team representatives and 33 Ambassadors. All of them were asked to become the face of the project, bringing their passion to social media and, in addition, colleagues of the Amatori team will become an active part of the campaign.