Data Storage Security

Data Storage Security is a leading company in Italy for the storage, destruction, and protection of corporate data. Thanks to their vault, certified UNI EN 1143-1:2012 with resistance grade III, they are able to protect the data of their customers at 360% and meet the international requirements for best practices in disaster recovery.
Among their main services are: Remote Backup Storage, Media Off-Site Storage, Secure Data Destruction, Document Storage, Email Security, and Vulnerability Assessment. Their goal was to become more successful in a B2B market in the field of Cyber Security.

Multichannel strategy

The strategies adopted with them were several:

  • Performance marketing campaigns on the main social channels, promoting their services.
  • Digital Account activity through the Sales Navigator platform of LinkedIn, thanks to which we were able to profile the leads through the basic requirements for achieving the goal and have in a single platform the history and management of all contacts.
  • Design, creation and management of webinars, during which DSSecurity addressed issues related to the world of cyber security with the help of guests.
  • A Content SEO strategy to improve positioning and organic traffic on search engines.


+244% impressions

on Google search network

+494% click

on Google search network


number of average webinar subscribers