Jump approaches the branding context with the belief that, in today’s digital-driven world, brands need to recognize their customers as users, not as casual passive consumers. It goes without saying that the traditional approach to the brand (mission, vision and values) must be extended to include the concept of “capacity”: we refer, of course, to the problems and needs that the brand itself solves for people, and what kind of values it achieves.
In this perspective, Jump’s team strategy performs the classic brand strategy activities such as consumer research, audience segmentation, competition analysis and cultural audits to get to the positioning framework of a brand. This initial phase is therefore translated into viable marketing and communication strategies, clearly articulating how the global brand strategy is associated with integrated marketing campaigns and initiatives.
Jump’s branding skills also include practices dedicated to developing brand identity, which embraces naming, logo design, tone of voice definition, brand guidelines (physical and digital); activities aimed at increasing both the standards of consistency and the speed of market entry. For all this work, Jump’s strategy team works together with the Design team, conveying the knowledge of the market sectors with the experience of our designers.


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