Case Study

Stay Original, Stay Amadori

From chickens to shirts: Amadori launches the clothing line “Amadori Original”, designed for employees. T-shirts and sweatshirts, which are funny and self-ironic, with modern graphics and slogans: the aim is to promote the brand in an alternative and fun way, involving its employees. The t-shirts are immediately very successful and the range widens, to include also the sea line. Amadori Original garments must cross the gates of the company and be available to everyone with the online purchase on the website
The clothing line with its irony from Romagna works perfectly. What at first glance seems like a project born for a game for a brand like Amadori, can actually become a great opportunity to reach an audience no longer regional but national. Slogans must distance themselves from the Amadori universe and embrace more “pop” realities.

A strategy content always keeping up with the times

We supported the promotion of the Amadori Original style through a series of social campaigns, with the goal to pave the way for the new collection production: a result of variety on the theme that unifies the brand with the music and sports industry, playing with the trend of the moment and taking into account the most popular items.
In order to strengthen the image of Amadori Original as a fresh and young brand, it was necessary to design a strategy content always up with the times. So, we create content focused on seasonality and on each individual campaign. Photoshoots and videos made ad-hoc, testimonial choice, graphic, clip, and quiz for the public interaction have followed in the monthly editorial plans.