Il Salone della CSR

The CSR Exhibition has been one of the main Italian events focused on sustainability since 2013. During the nine editions, the Exhibition has contributed to spreading the culture of social responsibility, has offered opportunities for updating, and has facilitated the networking among various Italian social agents.

We have co-managed the digital communication of the Exhibition during the 6 months preceding the event, helping the organization reach a wider audience through optimized targeting for each content.

Content Stategy

In anticipation of the ninth edition, the CSR & IS Exhibition felt the need to optimize even more efficiently its online communication. The goal was improving the awareness and engagement data of its social profiles (Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn). We have thus devised monthly editorial plans, developing content consistent with the brand identity and with the paper materials of the Exhibition. Each content was designed to deepen in an appealing way the main topics which would have been covered during the two days of the event.

In the meantime, we have carried out interaction campaigns to improve the engagement level of the webpage.

Furthermore, during the first months of our partnership, we have considered the realization of a customized landing page to be monthly updated on the basis of the Exhibition’s needs. The core objective of this landing page, and of the traffic campaign linked to it, was inducing people to download the Exhibition programme and helping users subscribe quickly to individual events.


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