Case Study

Dante. La visione dell'arte

“Dante. La visione dell’arte” is the exhibition held at Musei San Domenico – in collaboration with Galleria degli Uffizi in Florence – to celebrate the 7th centenary of the Sommo Poeta’s death. Through an unconventional editorial line, we created different kinds of content to reach as many possible visitors and to promote the digital fruition of the artistic experience linked to the exhibition.

Community Engagement & Digital Experience

“Aligning with the exhibition’s aim to present the many figurative translations of Dante Alighieri’s visionary power, we created a wide range of content for the editorial plan that is both educational and emotional. Specifically: more traditional and informative posts that take advantage of the artworks’ evocative power, quizzes to engage users, and an Instagram filter that allows them to experience the main topics of the exhibition while keeping a fresh and accessible tone of voice.
To oversee, improve and broaden the exhibition’s fan base we provided an editorial plan that kept the same characteristics as the previous one (created for the “Ulisse. L’arte e il Mito” exibition), increasing the number of posts and introducing the creative formats just mentioned, mainly to initiate conversation, to engage and to grow the target audience.”

2 million people

reached through organic posts and paid announcements

78,000 visitors

to the website during the exhibition period

74,000 interactions

generated on social media posts