The Roots

Our History

Our reality was born in 2016 in Forlì, as a collaboration between 4 young friends with the desire to build a joint project. At that time a new club was born in the center, the Jump Café: it was then that the common vision of those guys gave birth to a project that created the Jump that we know today. That project was called Radio Jump. Curiosity, culture, information and a lot of passion for music. The project took place right inside the room, in which it was set up a soundproof room where they were conducted directly of all kinds conducted by over 20 speakers: Music, Sport, History, Finance, Technology, Cinema and many other topics. A close-knit and heterogeneous group, with a common vision aimed at entertaining their city.

Right then, the need to go further, "Jump Further" recited a Jingle of Radio Jump. It is in that direction that 2 of the 4 friends, in 2017, decided to found a new company, uniting their common vision, as well as to create an innovative digital company, which would build experiences, ideas and products to bring a balance between technology and design in an increasingly spontaneous digital future. Every big respectable company started from a garage in the basement of a local: we were ready to bend the spoons with our minds, if that was what it took to make it happen.

The team expanded quickly, from what were the 5 people and a small office in the center to a heterogeneous staff of over 30 elements, including design creatives, Technology innovators and Digital Marketing strategists. We tried to build a team of highly talented professionals with excellent chances of success and prospects for exponential growth. Since then we have continued to create some truly amazing technologies, launch new products and radically improve the digital experiences we have designed.

Since 2019 Jump has opened a second office in Milan, European city, strategic base for business expansion. In the lead there remains one goal: to become one of the best digital companies in the national market, applying everything we have learned over time from other projects, pursuing our vision of building an extraordinary company.

If our journey forward seemed exciting to you, don’t hesitate to contact us. We would love to talk to you.

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