Jump’s marketing team, with a view to search optimization and performance, embraces a multidisciplinary approach to ensure high visibility of the customer’s digital properties. We try to maximize exposure in Google as its algorithm evolves, increasing visibility in search engines and also in the emerging class of voice-activated and text-activated agents.
We embrace a user-centric approach to SEO: By understanding users and their search patterns, we can ensure that needs are met by a preeminent exposure to relevant brand content.
Jump’s marketing team optimizes all aspects of an effective search: we ensure that the Web pages are properly coded and that the content is structured and organized correctly, with the correct information architecture; The right content is created and distributed based on appropriate search queries; paid search is properly exploited; social channels are used to spread links correctly. The SEO is then fully integrated with the customer’s other inbound marketing strategies, creating a consistent approach to traffic generation.
In terms of performance, Jump’s approach is to translate business goals into concrete results, helping brands to distance competition and make shopping experience fluid and integrated. We evaluate the effectiveness of our activities based on the return on investment and the continuous optimization of lead generation and conversion actions. We test, monitor, and optimize digital campaigns and assets in real time to drive efficiency and deliver business results.


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