CRM & Automation


Linked to the CRM context and automation, Jump carries out activities aimed at optimizing the relationship between the user and the brand throughout the customer’s entire life cycle, ensuring that every interaction is highly personalized and relevant. Activities can be diverse, including: creating a CRM vision; customer data and technology assessment; supplier selection; strategic roadmapping; communications planning;and organizational planning. The result is the definition, implementation and management of the entire ecosystem for segmented user interaction.
Some CRM applications include:

– Loyalty programs: our loyalty work embraces the mechanics of programs, digital experiences and automations through email, mobile devices, social, retail outlets and other channels. We develop customer loyalty programs that create value to reduce abandonment and increase upsell, identifying moments, messages and incentives to stimulate repeated purchases.

– Customer Service: Digital can be a highly effective customer service channel and can reduce costs by eliminating the classic telephone/physical operator, replaced by a digital self-service. We work with companies to define a holistic customer service strategy, creating digital experiences designed to increase customer satisfaction.


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