Jump helps its customers transform into effective brand publishers, creating new ways to reach and interact with the corporate target audience. Within Jump’s marketing team there are interdisciplinary figures who deal with the entire production chain of content: from conception and strategy to editorial or multimedia realization.
In the content strategy and design phase, the marketing team analyzes all business touchpoints and defines the appropriate approach to the content of each channel. The work includes definition, strategies for publication, care and creation of content, rules and documentation of governance, process consulting and training.
In the publishing phase, Jump’s marketing team will create customized content for the company’s publishing activities, following the guidelines identified in the ideation phase. Blog posts, news articles, white papers, graphics and animations and videos are just some common content: in Jump, the marketing team consists of thinkers, artists, multidisciplinary creatives who use technology in innovative ways to provide effective and attractive creative content for customers. In-house skills include creative concept, multimedia production, motion design and 2D-3D animation, CGI and post-production.


Content strategy Social content Creative concepting Photo & Video production 2D & 3D motion design Post-production