Case study

Tulips. UX Design

Tulips are the first online supermarket in Italy – active since 2017 between the provinces of Bologna and Rimini – that allows its customers to order groceries on its website and get them delivered at home or, in the alternative, to pick them up from the store. As a start-up hosted by the Credito Cooperativo Romagnolo’s Accademia delle Idee incubator for two years, Tulips stands out for the creation of the first high-tech storehouse for groceries e-commerce in Italy thanks to an innovative software capable of promptly answering the users’ requests of same-day delivery. To implement the efficiency and accessibility of the services that Tulips can offer, Jump created a UX and UI Design for the new Tulips app.

Accessibilità e User Experience

With the identification of the target user, who is familiar with online shopping, we decided to focus on three main values quality, speed, and information to present the Tulips app as a precious instrument to make online groceries more time-efficient. Firstly, we carried out a qualitative UX Competitor Analysis to outline the best practices of Tulips’ competitors and integrate them into our UX Design proposal. Concerning the Content Design segment of our proposal, we opted for a “match between system and real world” approach to facilitate a digital shopping experience as close as possible to a real-life one, dividing the products into easy-to-navigate categories and sub-categories. Lastly, we simplified the onboarding process to ensure fast and easy access to the service.