Case Study

Sirio. The star of Italian Catering

Sirio SPA is a leading company in the Italian catering market and owner of many brands, such as franchising brands like Burger King, Alice Pizza, Caffè Pascucci, and Cioccolatitaliani. The company counts more than 80 points of sales in Italy and more than 700 employees.
The aim of the client was, on one hand, to position themselves as an investing opportunity towards investors that have a Corporate Identity that is coherent and relevant; on the other hand, they focused on structuring an integrated digital strategy that involves and controls all the brands in their possession.

A multi-channel performance-oriented strategy.

Once we have defined the objectives and identified the target audience of all brands managed by Sirio, we have created a content strategy for each of them, starting from the conception and creation of the contents, up to the drafting of a monthly editorial plan. In the content selection phase, we have drawn up a matrix for each social platform present in the strategy, based on a wide range of possibilities including photos, videos, graphics, articles, interviews, institutional/corporate news. We have also carried out a community management and customer care activity for each brand, operating on various fronts for all 80 points of sale (Social, My Business, etc.)


People reached in total. 156,791 people reached on average each month.


Total impressions.

93 stores

Managed in every digital touchpoint (Social, Google, TripAdvisor).

+ 1000

Original content created (videos, photos, flyers).

+ 30 pages

Managed in every social touchpoint (Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram).