Case study

RAI. Smart consent solution

The solution is a consent and cookie policy management platform developed for RAI, a CMP developed as SAAS compliant to the IAB TCF 2.0 framework. It is therefore a Software as a Service developed in SPA mode (Single Page Application) + API. The solution offers a complete set of models to make all corporate touchpoints comply with the new GDPR regulations, across multiple languages and legislations. Some features of the solution are:

Customization, through graphical interface, the appearance and behavior of the banner cookie.
Development of a historical version of cookie policy and privacy policy.
Generation and modification through GUI cookie policy and privacy policy.
Display of all data consents via the Consent API and related details.
Display of statistics related to how to interact with the banner cookie.

A completely customizable solution.

The solution allows you to generate a fully customizable banner cookie, obtain consent, configure the preventive block, set advertising preferences, collect consent for the customization of Google Ads and more (also integrating with internal systems such as System Integrator or CRM).
With this solution, you can seamlessly integrate the corporate legal documents included in an intuitive dashboard that allows you to recover consents at any time.