Case Study

Molino Spadoni

Molino Spadoni is a famous brand well-known throughout Italy and abroad for its excellent products and it has been a benchmark in the market of special flours and mixes for domestic and professional use since 1921.
In addition, it is present in the market of frozen food, bakery products, and gastronomy with beers, cheeses, meats, and meats of Mora Romagnola.

Content Production

Our continuous and consolidated collaboration with Molino Spadoni is mainly based on the production of still life shots, for print and online advertising, able to describe the product correctly, describing and enhancing its characteristics in a faithful way.
For this reason, we have created a series of photoshoots, following every stage, from set design and lighting management to post-production of the shots, with the aim of obtaining images of quality from the aesthetic point of view and in line with the high standards imposed by the industry market.
The brand also made several videos oriented to B2B and B2C, to present the company’s frozen pizza bases: for B2B, addressing professionals specialized in the sector, we have produced a technical video, which explains in detail the production process of pizza bases, with the aim to inform and arouse interest in the product. On the other hand, in the contents for B2C, we have represented the pizza bases as a product that does not disappoint the expectations of the consumer, because it can combine the feasibility of frozen food with the goodness and quality of a homemade bakery.