Case Study

Konica Minolta. People Counting.

Following the partnership with BDO and Konica Minolta, we have developed a set of technological solutions capable of transforming physical space into a digital one, from which to create value. Tested on customers of the caliber of Inter F.C. and Versace, the innovation process has also included a technological renewal.
In fact, the model is based on the use of intelligent video image collection platforms and Analytics tools able to provide in real-time to the branch employee, possible go-to-market strategies. They also ensure much better safety and security.

A progressive Web App

The system consists of a PWA developed with the latest Web technologies in order to make the user experience as simple and effective as possible. This platform communicates with the physical devices of the environment in order to make the data collected by the devices accessible to the user. The objectives of the solution are:

  • Provide an innovative and scalable tool that fits the specific needs of the customer.
  • Provide customers with a simple and effective tool that supports, innovates, and improves the management of onboarding processes.
  • Take advantage of the added value of artificial intelligence to simplify onboarding.
  • Provide a ready-to-use and easily integrable solution that does not require costly interventions by the customer on their digital properties (App for smartphones and CRM systems).
  • Automate the recognition and speed up the entry of personal data.