Case Study

Kolinpharma. Sales Experience Framework.

In this project, Jump has designed an innovative service to solve the problems faced by organizations in the pharmaceutical sector, trying to draw the sales experience, always complex and articulated.
This has been possible thanks to:
• experience gained in numerous projects in the sector
• highly integrated multidisciplinary technological, management and service design skills
• collaboration with IQVIA
This product allows organizations to immediately optimize the sales process and business thanks to a concrete and sustainable framework, setting the right priorities and exploiting the existing synergies.
The goal of our framework is to model, optimize and make measurable the sales experience in the relationship between pharmaceutical informants and doctors, transforming the company into a real data driven company. Specifically, we have identified a multi-experiential approach that avoids duplication of logic, structures, processes, methodologies, documents and systems (based on the IQVIA OCE tool, among the most used in the Pharma sector)This will also allow the costs to be rationalized.

Electronic Folder

The components of the framework are 5:

• Business Intelligence
• Digital Advisor Force
• Process Dashboard
• Business Dashboard
• Business + Process Dashboard

The benefits can be manifold: greater effectiveness, therefore optimization, of the time that the scientific informers spend with physicians/sanitary companies;real time sharing of the documents;continuous learning of the scientific informers; greater availability of the data;continuous improvement of the business process and strategy.