Instapro. National SEO Campaign

Instapro/Werkspot is a subsidiary of HomeAdvisor. Currently, Instapro Italia is among the market leaders with an average of over 60,000 jobs required each year and a business network of over 11,000 professionals. The Dutch sister company Werkspot is the market leader in the Netherlands with more than 350,000 jobs required each year and a corporate network of over 8,500 professionals.

SEO Campaign (Link Building & Content Production)

In view of an expansion plan, Werkspot asked Jump Group for an SEO campaign with the aim of increasing organic traffic by at least 20% on the Italian national market.
Instapro’s SEO campaign has moved on two fronts: link building and content production. Both activities have been carried out taking into account all the fundamental parameters and factors for search engine optimization. With the activity of link building, we have built real relations with the target of Instapro (consumers & professionals in the sector) avoiding the construction of “artificial” links. With the content production activity, more than 90 articles were developed over a period of 3 months with upstream a careful activity of keyword research & content clustering.

+20% of organic traffic

thanks to content production activity


10.41% +2.43%

Avarage Position

36.41 +8.86