Ginestri Group

For over 100 years, the Ginestri Group, through different fashions, trends, and styles, transmits to its customers the passion for home.
The company has two characters: on the one hand, we find Ginestri Arredamenti, a product of high design, high quality, elegant and minimalist, oriented to a target more adults and high spending, on the other, there is Ginestri Prima Casa, which offers a catalog younger and pops, always of high quality, but addressed to an average spending target.

We can summarize the customer’s needs in two macro objectives:

  • Being able to orient the user, from the first approach to the portal, towards the character that most represents it.
  • Get a good structure on which to base digital marketing strategies.

Custom Multisite

Depending on the customer’s requests, we have created a completely custom platform using the multisite technique, which consists of developing parallel two sites, united by the UX and differentiated in the UI. This allowed us to transmit more directly the two graphic languages identified: the first one is more linear, synthetic but also trendy; the other one is more soft, colorful, and super young.
Specifically, the user will immediately choose the desired character through a splash page, and then enter within one of the two sites:
If this is not enough, and the desire of the user is to touch both styles, then it will still be possible to switch from one site to another through a link in the menu.
The relationship with the user and the acquisition of the lead are the guidelines of the structure, designed to involve as much as possible anyone who found himself browsing the platform through, for example, request form information under each product shown, contact requests to download the catalogue and call to action on contacts.