Energia Corrente

Energia Corrente is a society which sells electrical power and natural gas and offers competitive supply conditions with a qualitatively superior standard of service, fostering an energetic culture allowing people to respect the equilibrium with the environment. The company presents 4 business units: Electricity, Gas, Green, and E-Mobility, and approaches users with kindness, creating awareness on the use of energetic resources, on the efficient management of consumption, and on the transition to electric mobility.

The goals to be achieved, in the construction of the institutional platform, are:

  • Clarifying the offering structure to different target groups (for the house, for the firm);
  • Building an experience to increase the lead generation;
  • Communicating with the user, engaging and informing him/her while avoiding intrusive elements like promotions and discounts;
  • Being close to the user through active support and a guided browsing of the FAQ.

Gamification & Extra features

Once the goals had been set, we have started from an initial and in-depth User Experience study, carried out four-handed with the client, always focusing on the need to organize the contents. In the meantime, and through constant feedback, we have realized a UI in line with the values of kindness and respect for the environment, focusing on innovative style choices with respect to trends, realizing ad hoc illustrations for the platform, and respecting the guidelines of the predetermined brand identity. Finally, the platform development has been realized with custom technologies while offering the client a perfectly intuitive dashboard, to make him/her independent in modifying contents, and making the site scalable in anticipation of subsequent installations.

However, the final goal regarding our objectives are the extra features:

  • An appealing gamification, enriched with animations and dynamic selectors, to identify the ecological footprint of the user;
  • A chatbot liked to the support page, to guide the user in searching for answers to his/her doubts;
  • A mega menù, to put the spotlight on the latest news and make browsing easy;
  • The use of user-friendly forms devoted to the various business units

The platform has been online since October 2021:

La piattaforma è online da ottobre 2021: