Case study

Alta formazione. Digital Learning

Altaformazione is a solution provider for e-learning and vocational training.
For the last twenty years, Altaformazione collaborates with businesses in all industries to develop customized digital learning projects aimed to specialize their participants.
Within this working, we developed a customized LMS platform that allows its users to access different courses and events organized by Altaformazione.
The main goal of this platform is to give its users the possibility to sign up and participate in live streams or webinars while being able to interact and get in touch with each other.

Learning Management System u0026 Learning Experience Environment

With LMS (Learning Management System) we refer to software or Saas for the management, distribution, and measurement of a business’ online learning platform. Meeting the necessities of a decentralized and flexible approach to learning, we developed a platform that is closer to the characteristics of “modern learners” and based on the importance of experience. We are indeed talking about LXE, a Learning Experience Environment centered around the needs we just mentioned. Starting from these requests we structured the Altaformazione platform into 4 sections: – Dashboard, dedicated to the live streaming of events and the interaction between users – Palinsesto (Schedule), where the user can check out the schedule of events, which are described and organized in chronological order – Networking, a communication area where the users can get in touch through video calling or chatting – Sponsors, where users can find all the businesses that partner and collaborate with Altaformazione